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How to Stay Focused in Church

Do you ever sit in church and realize you zoned out and missed part of the sermon? Do you feel your eyes wandering and your thoughts drifting?

You're not alone. Paying attention in church can be outright difficult, and technology is causing our attention spans to decrease every day. You've identified the problem, so what can you do about it?

The easiest way to stay engaged is the take notes! Not only will this keep you listening for key points, but it will help you remember what you hear so you will get much more out of your time spent in the Lord's house.

Sunday is a sacred day, and being at church is much more than just the sermon. Get to know those around you better- you are all Christians there with the goal of strengthening your faith. As you strengthen your relationship with them, you are strengthening your relationship with the community. 

Finally, take a day of rest! On the seventh day, God rested from His work. Follow in those footsteps and do yourself a favor by powering down social media for the day. Keep your phone off, turn the news off and let your mind be with God. Everybody needs a break from the world, and let this strengthen your relationship with God in the process.

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