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Veteran-Owned Business
Veteran-Owned Business



God, Heroes and Sports is what "Keep God in Life" is all about. As a youth and varsity coach I saw not only the wonderful things that sports do for families, but also saw the worst come out of some. With that said, I saw a great need to keep things in perspective and do my best to help keep God in sports, which is how the brand was born. Often God is forgotten in the heat of competition even though He was the one that blessed those with the ability to participate. In my small way I wanted to help with offering Christian sports items at a good price.

I also have a passion of not letting our heroes become forgotten such as our military (I am a Marine), law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, and doctors. We are constantly expanding our store and doing our best in keeping prices down with a minimal markup to help all those serving to protect, serve or save us. Not forgotten are all of the faithful rest that pray to keep our great nation, families, and citizens strong, healthy, and full of love. God Bless!