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How to Make Your Prayers More Meaningful

Have you been feeling like your prayers are becoming repetitive, like you're doing it just because you feel like you should?

First off, congratulations- even if you feel your prayers have become lackluster, you are still staying consistent which is the most important part! Prayer is like exercise; for a healthy spiritual life you have to exercise your faith in God daily. 

When praying, pray in a quiet place with minimal distractions. This is your time to talk with God, and you won't hear what He has to say if you are distracted! Pick a place to regularly separate yourself from the world. You will find you have more to say and find more meaningful prayers.

Lastly, be patient! Take some time to just be after you are done. God doesn't always answer your prayers right away. Often times God is working in the background, setting things in place for your prayers to be realized. Rest assured, God hears you! “If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” —1 John 5:14

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