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How To Keep Christ in Christmas

It's in the name- Christmas- yet every year we seem to forget what the season is really about. Is it about getting gifts and splurging on the things you always wanted? Is it about shopping and eating all the candy you've been saving? To some of you, maybe that's what it's all about. But we cannot forget the true meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas season is all about giving! When you serve others around you, you feel God's love. Give gifts to your neighbors, donate to a charity, give extra in the offering at church, do what you can to right your wrongs and turn a new leaf. These are all acts of service that remind you of the love Christ has for you.

Love it or hate it, listen to Christ-based music! There's no better way to stay in the Christmas spirit than listening to Christian Christmas songs. 

What about decorating? Sure you can put up a tree, but what about ornaments with a Christian theme? A wreath with a cross? Add Christ to your home's Christmas theme.

Read about Christ! Brushing up on our scriptures can be a little bit daunting, but there's no better time than to read a few Christmas verses at this time of year. 'Tis the season.

Last but not least, give Christian gifts. The easiest and best way to keep Christ in Christmas is by spreading his joy with Christian gifts. Need inspiration? Check some of our top Christmas gift ideas here.



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