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What are Prayer Cards For? What is a Prayer Card?

As a Christian, you may or may not be familiar with prayer cards. If you are, you've probably wondered exactly what they are and why someone would want one. Look no further, the answers to your questions lie within this page. 

Prayer cards, or holy cards, are small pocket sized cards that depict Jesus or a saint on the front, with a prayer on the back. Traditionally prayer cards were used by Roman Catholics but have since become popular with Orthodox and Protestant Christians. The first of these holy cards date back to the early 1500s and were made by woodcutting. People of all classes enjoyed prayer cards due to their inexpensive nature, unlike paintings or sculptures. The average person was now able to keep a closer connection with God wherever they go. 

In the 16th century when the first holy cards were created, their purpose was to allow the owner to carry a saint with them throughout the day. Cards could easily be kept in a pocket to keep the saint close throughout their daily challenges. Prayer cards also began to be put on display around the house to honor the saint and protect their home. 

If you've been to a funeral, you might have seen small cards decorating the tables with a photo of the deceased. These are memorial cards and probably contain the person's name, birth and and death dates, favorite poems or prayers, and other information about the person. These memorials serve as a pleasant reminder of the loved one so their memory can be carried forth into the world.

If you like the idea of protecting your home, or bringing a saint with your throughout your day, get your holy card inspiration here.

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