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Hidden Symbols Of Christianity in the Fall Season

Every season every year has things to look forward to, but something about the crisp freshness of fall is something to be thankful for. Particularly in fall, there are many symbols pointing to God that represent how we live and what we believe. 

Like trees, God is a living being that creates.

Trees are living, growing, and constantly changing while creating new leaves and new colors. God is the same, alive and constantly breathing and creating new works into the world.

Change happens through repentance.

Trees are always changing too. They change their colors, old leaves flutter to the ground letting go of the old and preparing for the new.

We believe in the afterlife.

So do trees. They shed their leaves and bloom again, renewed and full of life.

Physically, we are separated from God.

Just as leaves separate from their tree, we are separated from God, waiting to return to our Creator.

God created it all.

The leaves provide the unforgettable aroma of autumn and the world constantly changes, color by color. Take time this fall to truly enjoy the beautiful weather and take note of the symbols of Christianity that you see all around. For symbols of Christianity to wear every day, check out these sterling silver jewelry pieces.

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