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5 Photos That Reflect God's Wonder

Our God is a majestic God who can do anything, and he has chosen to make our Earth filled with beauty. Take a look at these five photos to be inspired and reminded of the great work the Lord does for us here on Earth.

Do you see creation in these photos?

The mountains reach toward the heavens, the same as we should. They represent works of art that took many years to create.

The skies show us how small we are in the scheme of God's big picture. We remember that our earthly problems may feel grand, but in God's eyes nothing is impossible.

The sun shows us God's warmth and God's consistency. Each and every day the sun rises again, never failing to be there for us, the same as the Lord.

The canyons represent how great of depth there is in this life. We all go through peaks and valleys and with the bad comes the good.

The flowers remind us how beautiful we all are as His creations. They bring vibrant energy into the atmosphere just as we can.

For more representations of God to keep you inspired, go to

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