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I'm a New Christian - Where Do I Start? | Keep God in Life

Becoming a Christian is both an exciting yet scary choice. In a secular world, it is often frowned upon and we are often questioned for not partaking in the ways of the world. You have found the Truth, but Satan is ready to work harder than ever to lead you astray. So what advice do we have for a new Christian?

1. Spend Time with God

Becoming a Christian isn't a single act- being a Christian is all about your relationship with God. By praying and reading Scripture daily, you will become closer to the Lord and eventually form a bond that will last a lifetime. Choosing to repent for sins and dedicate your life to God is an amazing choice, but it's a choice that needs to be made every day. 

2. Don't Stress if You Don't Always Feel the Connection

For most, the conversion to Christianity is a process rather than a single event. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1. Remember this when you wake up feeling disconnected from God or questioning your beliefs. This verse is a great reminder that confirmation doesn't always come when you'd like it to. If you've accepted Christ and live in Faith, He will always be working for you. This is true whether or not you feel the Holy Spirit working in every moment of your day.

3. Seek Out Other Christians

Find a study group or some friends that are also Christian. Reach out to those at church. Being surrounded by others with the same beliefs as you will only help you to grow your faith in Jesus and to further your relationship with the Lord. Show love and kindness to those around you. The energy you put out will come back, and your faith might help others out more than you even know. 

BONUS TIP: Have joy! Rejoice in the Lord and seek His light. God created us all to be happy!

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