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What is the Best Rosary to Use? Finding the Right Rosary | Keep God in Life

What is the best rosary to use?

The one in your hand.


Sometimes in life, simple gets us to the right place. If you shop around, you'll find rosaries galore, all different types, colors, materials, sizes, and prices. Sure, some rosaries have more appeal to hang up in your office. Some may sparkle or glisten in the light. But you know what? Any single rosary will do its job, which is to count prayers and bring you closer to God.

If you came here seeking a specific brand, model, and color of rosary in search of that piece that's perfect for you, you're out of luck. Our advice is to find that rosary that calls your name, cherish it, and hold onto it for a lifetime. Break out that old rosary in your drawer, find that confirmation gift you received as a kid. Use what you have, let the rosary do its job, and save the decision making for the rest of your everyday life. If you're in need of a new rosary, check out this selection.

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