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How to Ask a Saint to Intercede | Keep God in Life

Life is not easy; matter of fact, life is hard. There are no instructions to get you from point A to point B, and plans rarely work out as expected.

But that's okay.

These problems are simply opportunities in life. Opportunities to change direction. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to become closer with God.

Oftentimes in moments of struggle and hardship. we turn to God. We begin to pray to help, healing, and strength to overcome what it is we are going through. In the Catholic faith, it is common to ask saints for intercession; we ask saints (already in heaven) to help pray for us, to intercede for us. 

Saint Anthony is a popular saint. He is known to be the saint finding lost articles. People call his name each and every day to help them find their lost items, whether it be a wallet, phone, keys, or anything else important that needs to be found. 

Some churches in Spain and Latin America have a tradition to bless loaves of bread on the feast of Saint Anthony. These traditions have been inspired by the stories of those who generously donated bread to the less fortunate in thanksgiving for help granted through Anthony's intercession. 

Looking into the life of saints, these were people with lives that were not always easy, just like our own. In fact, many saints have sad, sad stories filled with suffering and hardship. Saint Jude was martyred by being clubbed to death. Saint Cecilia was suffocated before being beheaded. All of this, all for preaching the Word of the Lord? Many saints lived unfair lives, but it led them to their miracles and goodworks that marked them as saints. 

Thus, since the saints once shared our bodies and lives, who else can understand our struggles and sufferings better than them? 

Calling on a Saint (The Right Way)

Growing up, we aren't taught the correct way to ask a saint to intercede. We're raised praying directly to Jesus, so you might question, why ask for intercession?

I'm glad you asked. In short, it's extra help. Similar to how we might ask friends or family for help in times of need, you can do the same with a saint. This saint is already one step closer to God, and in a place to speak directly with the Lord on your behalf.

Be conscious of the saint you are asking, what you are asking for, and why you are asking. Build a spiritual relationship with them.

Using Novenas to pray to a saint is helpful. Use the novena as a template and read it to make your own. Then, make your prayer. Make the sign of the cross with Holy Water and call your saint. It may look something like this: "For the intercession of ... (saint), I ask ... (your petition)." Conclude your prayer with "Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be."

Remember, it is always helpful to participate in confession and communion, repenting of sins and asking for forgiveness beforehand. Don't be afraid to speak with your priest for any questions you may have. To keep saints by your side in times of need, click here.

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