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Using Prayer Cards for Bible Study

Would prayer and Bible study be easier for you with a list of prayer prompts?

These prayer cards are one of my favorite things for Bible study. Why? They're sturdy, scriptural, simple, and useful!

Here's a few benefits of using prayer cards.

1. You can pray right off the card itself! These cards will include Bible verses and or prayers for you to read.

2. They offer different ways to pray that you may have never thought of.

3. Prayer cards teach you to pray the Word of the Lord right back to Christ. What's better than a card that literally shows you how to pray?

Soon you'll find yourself putting prayer cards into your wallet or Bible to guide prayer in your everyday life.

7 Ways Prayer Cards Can Be Used

1. Teaching and training

Many people struggle when it comes to praising God, and these handy cards guide you through it. Plus they're easy to share with friends, family, or your Bible study group!

2. Pick a card to pray during your personal prayer time. Hang it on your mirror or the fridge as a reminder!

3. Place them on a table while you're at retreats, missions, or other church groups. Encourage others to take and use them!

4. Place the prayer cards in a display in the cry room or prayer room at your local church. Share God's word and let others make use of these convenient prayer cards.

5. Purchase holiday appropriate prayer cards or cards for your National Day of Prayer.

6. Put a prayer card along with a personal note, as a reminder that God's always by your side.

7. Add a prayer card or an assortment of prayer cards with a raffle box, blessing bag, or other care packages to spread God's joy to others.

Keep God in Life with your Bible study and prayer time with these handy laminated prayer cards.

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