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Why Should I Wear a Cross? | Keep God in Life

Jewelry trends change with time, and these days styles lean toward subtle and minimalist. Wearing a cross can come off as forward or flashy, and some might be concerned about showing off their faith and throwing themselves into opportunities of judgement or questioning. So why should you wear a cross necklace?

It's a personal symbol. 

Yes, people will see the cross and assume you are a Christian, but wearing a cross is more about why you are wearing it, and not about hoping someone will notice. Wearing a cross is a symbol of righteousness and discipleship. The wearer is committed to Christianity and lives life for Jesus. 

It's also a reminder of Christ.

The cross is a reminder that Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away our sins. It's a reminder that we are saved through Him. Not only that, but it keeps God on our mind all day long; anytime we feel the necklace or see its reflection, we think of the Lord. Wearing the cross enables respect and humility for our Savior.

It allows us to stand for God.

If suddenly a cross goes "out of style" then that's evermore reason to wear it. The disciples of God weren't always the most popular with the folks of the world. Jesus Himself was crucifed by His people. Wearing a cross shows that we stand up for Him, even when others choose not to. 

Find the perfect cross necklace for you that fits you and your testimony.

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