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When did Christian Jewelry Become Popular? | The History of the Cross

As a Christian, often the number one sign of another fellow Christian is seeing them wearing a cross around their neck. Among the community, Christian jewelry seems to be everywhere but have you ever stopped to wonder exactly when this all started?

As we dug into some research, spiritual jewelry can be dated back to ancient Egypt. Priests and leaders of the time would wear religious jewelry which signified their devotion to their gods. Oftentimes these jewelry pieces were extravagant- worn as a status symbol to show their wealth and success.

After the death of Christ, Christian's first began seeing the cross as a holy symbol, however it was a painful symbol reminding everyone of the death of the Savior. As Constantine Christianized the Roman empire, the cross began to have prominence among leaders of the empire. Similar to ancient Egypt, it became a symbol for their devotion to Christ and many of these jewelry pieces were extravagant. 

Later on, Saint Clement of Alexandria officially signified the cross as an image of God, and it became popular for Christians to wear jewelry highlighting the cross. Rulers and kings of this time were filling their tombs with Christian jewelry and artwork. Large gem-encrusted crosses lined their tombs in order to show their devotion to Christ as they made their way into the afterlife. 

As time has continued to pass, the cross has become increasingly prominent in Christian culture as a sign of faith. From necklaces to bracelets to earrings and more, there are all kinds of styles people can be seen wearing today.

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