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Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry Must-Haves | Keep God in Life

Sterling silver is in. If your fashion doesn't include a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, be ready to be upgraded in style. Sterling silver pieces are the latest trend, providing a clean, shiny look that doesn't rust, doesn't oxidize or turn green. Sterling silver is sure to add the perfect accents to your outfit while lasting for years.

Crown of Thorns Necklace

This unique piece won't be seen anywhere else and is the perfect conversation starter. What better way to evangelize than by a conversation you didn't even have to start!

Forgiven Nail

Much more unique than most pieces you find people wearing, this Forgiven Nail serves as a reminder that God died for our sins, allowing us to move freely knowing that while we aren't perfect, as sincere Christians our sins will be forgiven. 

Guiding Cross

Simple, to the point, yet, different. Let this cross guide you in your path of life to follow a road that leads to Christ. When you move with the Lord, He moves with you.

Christian jewelry serves as a reminder to be a disciple of Christ, moving in the ways of the Lord and inspiring Him in others as we go about our daily lives. Keep God in life at all times with these sterling silver jewelry must-haves to add to your collection.

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