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How to Share Your Faith - Spreading the Good Word | Keep God in Life

In today's secular world, it is not easy to be Christian. It's actually one of the more difficult undertakings you will experience throughout the entirety of your life. Satan works hard to turn you away from God, tempting and enticing you to make the wrong decisions. 

But with God we are given the strength it takes to not only stay true to the Lord, but to thrive in His environment. Everyday as we move throughout the world, going to work, meetings, school, restaurants, and events, we are given opportunities to either spread the Word of God or keep it secret. Here's some ways to share your faith as you go about your daily life, without giving everything up to go to seminary school.

Be Authentic

In a world full of fake, armed with folks living double lives on social media, flexing, faking, and straight up lying, the easiest way to spread the word of God isn't by directly talking about Him- it's by being your authentic true self. Being an authentic human will allow you to connect with other human beings. Being authentic radiates the Lord to each and every person you connect with, and you don't even have to say a word about Him. Living authentically reflects God in everything you do.

Share Bible Verses

Using social media doesn't have to be all bad! Use it to do good; spread the word of God, even if it's as simple as a Bible verse every now and then. Or something as simple as commenting God Bless on a friends post! Don't be afraid to start the conversation, you never know who's listening.

Do Good

Along the same lines of being authentic, putting good into the world brings out the Holy Spirit in you. Use your freedoms to help others. We are created to serve, after all!

Wear Symbols of Faith

Last but not least, and perhaps the simplest of them all, is to wear symbols of your Faith. It can be as small as a necklace or as straightforward as a t-shirt. Wearing symbols of Christ can be all it takes to start the conversation with a Christian who may be falling away, or the push a non-Christian needs to pursue the Lord. For the best quality symbols of God sure to last a lifetime, click here.


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