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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? | Keep God in Life

Around the globe, October brings brilliant colors of orange, pumpkins, and of course, spooky season - Halloween. People celebrate the cool of fall and vibrant colors it brings with. Celebrations of Halloween spark creativity in costume creations, trick-or-treating, and lots of candy. However, many Christians wonder, should we celebrate Halloween? Isn't it the holiday of the devil? In this article, I hope to clear up some confusion and help you figure out where Christianity stands with this holiday.

So should Christians participate in Halloween festivities? The answer, well, it depends.

God desires for us to have obedience toward our family and faithfulness toward Him. Halloween can present an opportunity to follow this or to stray. It can present opportunities to share your faith and connect with others, or it can lead one down a darker path. "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31.

The History of Halloween

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind? You probably think of trick-or-treating, candy corn, or decorations of dancing ghosts and skeletons. 

The holiday actually began as 'Samhain.' This ancient festival was three days long and created by the Celts in Northern Europe. Translated from modern Irish, the name Samhain actually means 'summer's end.' The festival signaled the wrapping up of summer and the start of a new season. It stemmed from supernatural and pagan roots with sacrifices and offerings to appease their gods.

In 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV declared a new holiday and called it All Saint's Day, otherwise known as "All-Hallows Day" which was to be celebrated before summer. All Saints' Day focused on celebrating the saints and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Christianity. Pope Gregory III later moved the celebration to fall so it would coincide with Samhain.

Over the years, this holiday evolved into the present day celebration of Halloween. Its roots are contained in a pagan celebration of death and rebirth, so should Christians really celebrate it?

Among the Christian community, there are a few general responses to Halloween; rejection, acceptance, or redemption. Approaching this with your family requires communication about both boundaries and expectations.

Do Christians celebrate Halloween?

It's safe to say that Halloween is widely celebrated and many families partake in some shape or form. Marketing schemes on TV, online, and across stores contribute to its continuously growing popularity. Are there aspects of Halloween that are anti-Christian? 100%. Does that mean it's inherently evil to let your kids dress up and trick-or-treat? Definitely not. If Christians are going to celebrate Halloween, it's important to remember that behaviors should mirror that of someone of faith.

On another level, Halloween is the time of year celebrated by the advocates of Wicca, which is a network of practicing witches. As the official religion of witchcraft, Wicca believe October 31 to mark the day in time that the separation between realms, spiritual and physical, is the thinnest. This means that Halloween is the best time to interact with the supernatural. Some of those connections align with Satanism, and the holiday has maintained a relationship with occultism. All of this considered can leave Christians in a difficult spot. There are parts of Halloween that are lighthearted and harmless, and others with a more sinister history. 

Is it a sin to celebrate Halloween?

For followers of the Lord, it's our actions and behaviors that are judged, and this remains in the context of Halloween. We are judged by our actions and where are heart is at, whether or not it aligns with God's desires. 

Whether it's a sin or not depends on how you celebrate. In the Bible, there are no direct references to Halloween by name. Though, the Bible does carefully warn Christians against participation in pagan practices, particularly those involving the occult, worship of other deities, and witchcraft.

Dressing up and handing out candy on the 31st of October is not a sin, just as it wouldn't be a sin to do it any other day. What matters is how you represent Christ and that you portray Jesus in your actions.

Keep God with you this Halloween and allow Him to guide your behavior by keeping a prayer card by your side.

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