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4 Fashion Tips for Christian Men | Keep God in Life

For men of God, fashion tastes can vary. Wildly. If you're looking to up your style, look no further. Whether you need a whole new look or just a few signature pieces to step up your game, these tips are for you.

Everyone likes to look good right? There's no better way to do it than while reflecting God.

1. Don't wear too much jewelry.

Yes, we live in a world with piercings everywhere. It seems you can't have enough. But having a real fashion sense is more complicated than that. Pieces you wear have to work together, whether it be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, or even sunglasses. When you overload yourself with jewely, pieces will begin to clash instead of complimenting each other. Remember, jewelry is not the main event when it comes to your fashion!

2. Necklaces are in.

Styles always change, but one staple to base the rest of your jewelry around should be a necklace. Find pieces that compliment your earrings and bracelets to immediately show others you have taste.

3. Make sure it fits.

The most important step of them all; brands don't matter! Nobody will care about your Gucci tracksuit when it looks two sizes too large. Any brand clothing that fits will make your style much greater than wearing a name brand too tight or too large. 

4. Dress up.

Business casual is in. Be the best dressed man in the room wearing something as simple as a sport coat with jeans and a nice pair of shoes. Dressing well will improve your confidence and your confidence will radiate around the whole room.

These tips will apply to any style and taste, and even better when you incorporate Christian pieces to go with it. God is for us, so let's show Him we are there for Him.

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